Welcome to Sign Truck mobile advertising. Your solution to reaching the most people within your targeted area. We have  options below that can help you to get your message out to the local community of your choice. Please keep in mind the signs will be moved for maintenance from time to time temporarily.

Typical cost of renting a one of the mobile billboards are:

Option 1 Sign Truck at one of my locations is $400.00 per month per side. Discount provided if you rent both sides. Some of these locations see 8K vehicles a day on average according to TxDOT .

Option 2 – Sign Truck at a location you provide  is $350.00 per month for one side. Discount provided if you rent both sides

Option 3 – One side sign truck rental at some one else’s location $300.00

To have the vinyls printed, shipped, and installed it will cost  $250 one time fee per side. With tax included.

To have the sign truck mobilize and drive through your requested route is $1.50 per mile plus fuel. (Very limited to driver availability.)

Contact us below for discounts including prepaid long term rentals.

Contact us:

    email –  info@thesigntruck.com copy and paste on your own email or use the contact form

    phone – 1 (936) 641 – 3531

    mail –  The Sign Truck, 1700 County Road 2058, Liberty, Texas, 77575